a personal reflection on 2021 | twennytwenny and twennytwenny-part-two (twennytwennyone) bodied us. obliterated. smashed and grabbed. super smashed, no brothers.
although Irish writer-director Benjamin Cleary's Swan Song (2021) quietly guides us into the near-future, the technology serves as a backdrop to the…
the notion that some people just have ‘it’ is more than just a cliché, it is a container for some truth. some actors have it, most don’t. however…
on the violence and opportunity of phd programs: the easiest way to sum up my time so far as a Black queer first-generation college student in a phd…
"care not cages." féi hernandez—a friend, healer, visual artist and author—sent me an illustration in june. they invited me and a few other writers to…
consistent therapy and loving community have helped me realize that i do not love myself. as brenda from scary movie once said, 'she don't love haself'.
a list of pandemic-blues-fighting visuals—music videos, live performances, and visual albums—from the last few years that stuck with me.
dear mindbody, i carry a lot of shame for many times i messed up plans with friends, family, partners, coworkers, supervisors, and advisors with my…
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